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Hello! How are you today?  I am well..thank you!  This is Denise.  So nice to meet you and Welcome!

   For many years, (9 roughly..first periodically then progressively worsening later) starting in 1993 or so, I suffered terribly with debilitating Meniere's symptoms which included daily migraine headaches, never-ending vertigo, drop attacks, nausea, Labyrinthitis, ear fullness, head and sinus pressure, sinus congestion, hearing loss, nystagmus, sensitivity to noise, food intolerance, environmental allergies, heat flashes, shaking, sweating, tinnitus, (not necessarily in that order but bad nonetheless) etc.  Plus, with that or following, I suffered all the mental and emotional symptoms with these repetitive (the vicious cycle of patterns) type symptoms that include fear, anxiety, depression, mild insanity, loneliness, relationship issues, eating issues, weight-loss and more.  

I would encourage you to read more in detail by opting in below even if to gain some knowledge that I had attained through the years.    

It wasn't until 13 yrs ago (2003) that I finally found, after much sole studying, mentor education, and my own healing vigilantly seeking...One continuous effective (I found to be..) solution that addressed and had the ability to reach the root of the condition came about!  This has proven to be trustworthy and precious as a long time close friend.  I have been and still am so totally convinced and will forever be truly grateful to my team and the guidance I received regarding this program!

One year later (2004), I felt so much better (though it continued to work even better later) I took the step of joining an online Meniere's resource team (the very same wonderful people I had found) supplying information and a specific nutritional physician recommendation to other Meniere's (or those with similar symptoms) sufferers.  I am more passionate and dedicated every day to helping others overcome these horrible disabling symptoms that I myself experienced so violently for so long in my past! 
You are not alone and you don't have to live with it as so many say! Stay positive, be diligent, and you will find your way out!  Never ever ever give up!  You can beat this!  : )

OPT-IN HERE for WHAT WORKS for myself and tons of others: Meniere's Information & System Supplements or feel free to Contact Me anytime!
In these emails you will learn my complete story from beginning of symptoms to worsening symptoms to searching and to discovering my way to a  better place and then my way out.  I will also have forwarded directly from a well known nutritional physician's website his own Meniere's Recommendation of supplements (a free written consultation - Optimal & Minimal options), supplement details-all ingredients of each-ordering-costs-discounts, how to identify triggers, staying positive always, adapting new perspectives, open mindedness, antioxidants but a full spectrum of them, the correct scientific balance of complete nutrition, resources, a more efficient working immune system, what does our digestion have to do with it, our bodies as a whole, knowledge is power, strength exercises, a home sinus remedy, balance balance, etc etc!

For those of you interested in the nutritional supplements they can now be purchased by those living in the United States, Caribbean, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Belgium, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Netherlands, Mexico and Columbia.

To learn What Works and what may work for you, fill out the form at the link below.  Your information will be kept private (only in my hands unless otherwise informed by you). You will receive a confirmation email so be sure and check that.   It would also be wise to input my email in your email safe list  or filtered email folder now so that you have more of a chance of receiving all the emails and reading them.  Spam filters are so sensitive now.  I will check in with you to see if you are receiving them okay plus a couple other check-ins later on and would appreciate any kind of a response.   ;)  We do get carried away time-wise working with people individually or with technical work so it would be a good idea to write me sometime with any concerns etc., especially if you haven't heard from me.

You will initially receive a few emails immediately (regarding the Nutrition) for those curious or wanting to order shortly after. Then, you will only be receiving one email per week regarding this and/or other related topics.  This is not a newsletter-type of list..It is collaborated information I myself had been taught and since have put together as I see as so valuable if considering giving the System a go.  Taking action is a decision but also a learning process..just as I myself took this learning or discovery curve years ago which then began and continued my own healing journey.  It was so nice to finally be able to escape the dead end, rut and spiral I was in for so long

Note: If you would sincerely like a call from me regarding the supplements or anything else mentioned, please, first look over the initial information you receive and then email me about this, specifically, and I will be glad to call at the specified time requested. We do not ordinarily call even if they provide their phone number unless people either first call us or ask us to call in an email.  We are not here to bother or be a burden to anyone..we want to be known as a help, guidance or a hope.. 

So, again, if you have given your phone number please indicate in comments you 'really' want a call OR send a separate email later and I will be happy to call.
Also, feel free to browse this site to get an idea of who I am or what I am about...OR friend/follow/visit my other site pages!  Nothing wrong with having more friends, especially when it has to do with moving forward to a better place!

Take care & wish you wellness always!

Denise Griffin,
Coventry, RI USA

For my Meniere's friends... You Are Loved ‎(Don't Give Up)‎ just like Josh Groban says it well!

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